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 (JASS / Triggers) Jass Craft

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PostSubject: (JASS / Triggers) Jass Craft   Wed Apr 30, 2008 11:50 am

Here is official release of JassCraft. (Also know under the codename NewJazz or Jass Shop Pro 2). This version was made out of the Mystix text editor. Means that all features might not be added. Also try the different highlight styles. I recommend Heaven's Blade and Black March. Remember that I'm still working on this so if you miss something from Jass Shop Pro or have a suggestion/bug report please post below. From 1.1 JassCraft has .mdl editing support.

Uploaded: 13:28, 12th May 2007
Last Updated: 10:10, 4th Mar 2008
Keywords: None
Operating System: Windows XP
Category: JASS / Triggers


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(JASS / Triggers) Jass Craft
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