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 Official Version Download - Vampirism Blood v3.58

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PostSubject: Official Version Download - Vampirism Blood v3.58   Sat May 10, 2008 5:51 am

Current version - 3.58

Epicwar Link (Blow)
Hive Workshop Link (Blow)

or just click below
Download Link 1
Download Link 2

    Change log ( 3.58 ):
  • New items added
  • New Recipes added
  • New Shop added
  • New Combination System
  • Memory leak cleanup
  • Build Protection nerfed
  • Avatar buffed and change its cooldown to 450sec
  • Militia now have less cooldown
  • Militia Blinks now have cooldowns
  • Vampire windwalk duration decreased
  • Tarrain improved
  • Nerfed Phantom Spire attacking range
  • Nerfed Ruined Spire attacking range
  • Holy Crusader now need more food
  • Increased Ghoul harvest speed and lumber

  • Ghoul now cose 200lumber
  • Dark Summoner model changed
  • Fun mode imporved
  • Amethst Wall now can build without Slayer's Vault
  • Ghoul, Peasant and Feeding boxes can now be destroyed by allies
  • Increased Phanton spire's Cost

    Expected changes by next versions:
  • Anti map
  • New shop
  • New items
  • New units
  • More memory leak cleanup
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Official Version Download - Vampirism Blood v3.58
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