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 Official Version Download - Vampirism Blood v3.57c

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PostSubject: Official Version Download - Vampirism Blood v3.57c   Wed Apr 23, 2008 6:16 am

Current version - 3.57c

Epicwar Link (Blow)
Hive Workshop Link (Blow)

or just click below
Download Link 1
Download Link 2

    Change log (3.57c):
  • Votekick System again Fixed
  • Some memory leak cleanup
  • Auto Harvest now work with Ghoul
  • Moon Towers nerfed
  • Tarrain improved

    Change log (3.57b):
  • Changed Shadow Step's Icon
  • Ghoul now need 150lumber to train

    Change log (3.57):
  • Votekick System fixed/improved/working
  • Fatal fixed
  • Tarrain improved
  • Added new worker
  • Research Center's pathing size is now Smaller
  • Ultra Research Center's pathing size is now Smaller
  • Command Center's pathing size is now Smaller and changed its model
  • Replace super worker with murloc worker
  • Replace wind stealth with shadow step
  • Renamed (Holy Spiking Spears) to Sharpen Spears and increase its effect
  • Deleted un-used researches
  • Added a new research (Tree Deforestation)
  • Research Teleport no longer needs gold but 3000 lumber
  • Research Tower Defenses now have two levels
  • Research Army Battle Energy now have two levels
  • Increase Scroll of Speed charges to 10
  • Increase Pandant of Mana's Cost
  • Increase Pandant of Vitality's Cost
  • Reduce Cloak of Shadows' Cost
  • Reduce Claws of the Dreadlord's Cost
  • Reduce Cursed Armor's Cost
  • Reduce Hardened Armor's Cost
  • Reduce Horn of the Clouds' Cost
  • Reduce Runed Necklace's Cost
  • Reduce Vlads Ring's Cost
  • Reduce Clock of Flames' Cost

    Change log (3.56b):
  • Old Kick System removed
  • Present System fixed/improved/working

    Change log (3.56):
  • Vote kick system
  • Name changing system fixed/improved/working
  • Cleaned memory leaks
  • Some item/building costs reduced
  • New terrain
  • 10 second wait at beginning of game
  • Small error corrections
  • Fel Beast and Assassin don't attack Militia
  • Game information added
  • Humans cannot attack teammates

    Expected changes by next versions:
  • Anti map hack
  • New shop
  • New items
  • New units
  • More memory leak cleanup
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Official Version Download - Vampirism Blood v3.57c
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