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PostSubject: (Gaming) ListChecker   Wed Apr 30, 2008 11:40 am


Download Link


this will allow you to host a game in LAN mode (without lag) and to have it in battlenet's games list


winpcap - already installed if you have wc3banlist working,

udp ports required if you want games sent by someone else to show on your lan screen:
-if the host is using /sendlan: port 6112
-if it is using /clientlan: port 6111 (you can change this in the .ini file as lanport value)

how to use commands when
hosting/joining on bnet:
- simply do it like you would for any other command

hosting a lan game:
- same as on bnet except it will "say" but other players will not be able to read your commands

joining a lan game:
- chat text again but this time players will be able to read the commands

in some random menu:
- you will have to alt-tab and use the command line in the main window of this app
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(Gaming) ListChecker
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